Bengalese Finch Image

Bengalese Finch Image

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bengalese Finches Information

The Bengalese finch is scientifically known as the (Lonchura striata domestica). It is known as the society finch in the Unites States of America. Among all other finch species, the Bengalese is mostly known to be very fertile and easy to breed. This is one of the mostly domesticated finch you can ever find. The origin of this bord still baffles scientists even today. There is no convincing proof out there of its origin. The only two birds that are mentioned in its ancestry are the Striated Finch and White-rumped Munia which are thought might have played a role in their existence. The Bengalese finch adapts very quickly in captivity and also behaves well in company of children or adults. They breed very well and are also known to be good foster parents for other abandoned or lost young finches.

One of the amazing facts about these birds is that two males make better parents that male and female finch. It is easier for two males to accept eggs or even grown young without any problems or hesitation whatsoever.
These birds are very social and some experts have reported them even sharing nest for breeding, more especially if kept in groups.  Aviaries are not recommended during breeding time as these birds prefer or rather breed easily as single pairs in their separate breeding boxes.

Because they are always in a group, they have earned themselves the name Society Finch. They are very easy to care for and always cheerful. They breed very easy when adequately sexed. It might be challenging for novice finch lovers to separate the male from the female finch as thy almost look exactly the same. The easy way to make sure that finches sex is by isolating the other and place it alone for several hours in its tiny box. You can then introduce another Bengalese bird in the same box. If the first bird was a male, it will welcome the new one with a brilliant performance and dance. If the first bird does not display, chances are it’s a hen. This method of identifying the male from the female has been used widely all over the world with success.

Another way to compare male and female finches is by looking at their heads. The male’s head is much broader than that of a female. The male’s under beak part is V shaped while that of a female is U shaped. It is important to hold the birds side by side when performing this kind of test. Bengalese finches like millets, fresh water, insects, grit and green food. It’s also very important to include both proteins and vitamins in their diets. Depending on where the finch was found, they may not be used to insects. Finches that eat insects love to have house fly pupae, which they crack like seed. For more information on breeding healthy and happy finches, register yourself to receive our free email course.